Make Dentistry Safer and Cleaner

Aerosol Protection (AP) Shield
Great addition to your dental office for the entire clinical team.

Eliminates the necessity of a face shield
As most airborne particles will be stopped before they spread as aerosol.

Safer Working Environment

AP Shield provides protection against saliva, blood, splash, aerosol, micro-organisms, and other small particles.

AP Shield will connect to the High Volume Evacuation System, providing a significantly cleaner and safer work environment. According to Engineering Airflow Analysis of the APS, NONE of the particles emanating from the patient’s mouth escaped the shield and ALL the air from the patient’s mouth was captured within the shield. An analysis is available on the website.

Cleaner Environment

Less splash and aerosol equals a much cleaner immediate and surrounding work environment for the dental providers.

The AP shield is a ceiling-mounted delivery system. The height of the delivery system, and the height of the delivery arm ordered, will be adjusted depending on the ceiling height. The dental supplier or the construction companies can install the delivery system for a small charge.

Improved Posture

Dental practitioners naturally do not bend forward as much while using AP Shield, improving neck and back posture.

The plastic shield is easily sanitized, or changed in less than 30 seconds, and can be reused many times over (more than 10 times). Only the suction tips should be changed after each patient.

Technical Analysis Presentation